Do you planning make business trip to any enterprise Gorodets, Chkalovsk and Balakhna districts Nizhniy Novgorod region? Or you wish fishing on the Gorkovskoe pond with your friends? Somehow or other you need a hotel.


“Little Hotel” – is a privacy hotel, which locate in house №2 on Pirogova street at the quiet green district Zawolgie town, Gorodetskiy district, Nizhniy Novgorod region. Town administrative center, hospital, sanatorium, sport palace, skating-rink, swimming pool, stadium, park, cafes locate 5-10 minutes walking from the “Little Hotel”.



С 15 февраля по 15 марта при заказе более 3-х номеров на срок более 7 дней номера категории "люкс" продаются по цене стандартного номера - 2500 рублей!

The sights

The outskirts of Gorodets well-known through historical and nature sights. Gorodets is one of the most ancient city in the Russian land. Monasteries, water keys, sights of the Volga-river are authentic and beautiful.


Nowadays our guests are having opportunity of sending e-mails and high-speed internet access. This service is include in room fee.

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